NEXUS Project: Project


Project Overview

The goal of NEXUS is to support information exchange in collaborative settings by means of leveraging existing information from a variety of data sources.

Project Context

NEXUS is the latest in a series of projects investigating IT support for personal and organizational Knowledge Management:

  • In Knowmore (1997-1999), we developed our concept of Organizational Memories (OMs) as enterprise information infrastructures that provide active context-sensitive knowledge delivery.
  • FRODO (2000-2002) extended Knowmore's view towards Distributed Organizational Memories which don't rely so much on centralized structures, but allowed for evolutionary buildup of and co-operation between several smaller OMs.
  • In EPOS (2003-2005), we concentrated on the knowledge worker's perspective by investigating how effort in personal knowledge management can be optimized for his own benefit as well as for improving the Organizaional Memory.
  • Mymory (2006-2008) investigated the utiliz
  • ation of attention data for more precise information delivery and employed technologies for unobtrusive user observation in order to create relations between information items that are meaningful to the user in his specific context.
  • Perspecting (2008-2011) investigated knowledge-based technologies for personal, continuous knowledge acquisition, focusing on prospecting for and building perspectives on information

Project Duration

The project started on Dec 1, 2011 and is expected to finish on Nov 30, 2014